Mobile Grading 2

The RECY Mobile Grading App  is being used daily on over 800 mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) within the yards of our customers who benefit from the efficiencies of using this solution. The App improves the communication for the receiving of material, eliminates security gaps and speeds up the weighing of the trucks at the truck scale. Photos which are taken with the App are automatically linked to the received material providing better control for traders and established proof for any claim with suppliers and consumers.

The WIP Sorting function of the App can also be used efficiently for the grading of material within the sorting process after the truck leaves the yard.

The app is connected securely with the RECY® database either by WLAN or 3G/4G.


For using with Recy 6 a new backend for Mobile Grading is required.

OS Min. Version
Android 5.0
iOS 9.3
App Version Recy 6 Recy 5
2.0.5 6.3.21 - SP88 -


Version History

2.0.4 / 2.0.5


  • Search optimization
  • Parameter "info for trader"

Requires at least Recy 5 SP88 or Recy 6 v6.3.21

2.0.2 / 2.0.3

25-Feb-2019 / 28-Feb-2019

  • Bug: loading accounts without address

Requires at least Recy 5 SP88 or Recy 6 v6.3.21



  • Port application to Xamarin platform
  • Compatibility to Android 9.0
  • Compatibility with iOS 12 and Apple App Store

Requires at least Recy 5 SP88 or Recy 6 v6.3.21