Operational Data 2

The various operating data from Production Processes in a Recycling Company are usually kept in manual records and then processed in various systems and Excel sheets. RECY SYSTEMS develops an app for this purpose, which not only offers the systematic and fast recording of operational data, but also enables the consistent further processing of the operational data in the RECY ERP system as well as in RECY BI. The App consists of the following basic functions:

Entry of production

  • Manual Entry
  • Calculated Entry

Recording of downtimes as

  • Downtimes (= unplanned interruptions)
  • Downtimes (= planned interruptions)

The Production quantities are determined and transferred to the "Production" program as UnPosted production, the downtimes are displayed there as information. The services required to operate the app are installed and set up on the customer's database server.


For using with Recy 6 a new backend for iRecy CRM is required.

OS Android iOS
Min. Version 6.0 11.4
App Version Recy 6
2.0.1 6.3.48


Version History



  • First release

Requires at least Recy 6 v6.3.47