MULCO Fleet Control Video now available in English


The MULCO Fleet Control video found at the bottom of our home page is now available with an English narrative. This video highlights how one of our customers benefits from improved efficiency using MULCO in combination with the Fleet Control Module and App. The MULCO App is used on a tablet inside the truck and via a smartphone for scanning QR codes, taking photos and capturing signatures.

New "Add Photo" App Released


The New "Add Photo" app is used help document the receiving and dispatching of materials including overseas containers with the relevant photos. This app also complements the "Mobile Grading" app and the RECY Image Capturing Module via the scales programs. All photos are stored in the RECY Archive for easy retrieval and analysis.

This New "Add Photo" app is only available for Recy 6.

Please see our Add Photo Apps web page for further details...

Mobile Grading App - Version 1.33.0 Released


An updated version of the Mobile Grading App has been released with the following enhancements/fixes:

  • Shows WIP tag number and truck/car number in WIP list.
  • Photos from camera are rotated now to be displayed correctly (Android).
  • Bugfix: search function in commodity list (Android).
  • Shows deductions in list of deductions in alphabetical order.
  • New parameter for treating of photos if no WiFi connection is available.
  • Camera layout for Android changed (zoom, flash, settings).
  • When uploading photos from the photo gallery the backend server software now checks if the scale ticket is still available. If the scale ticket is not still available you are advised to store the photos as scale images linked to the scale ticket in the RECY Archive (without a link to a specific line item). If the touchscreen advanced tagging system is activated you are advised to link the photos as WIP Photos in the RECY Archive with the WIP tag number as the document number (without a link to a specific line item within the sorting) in the case of a WIP.

Please Note: Requires at least RECY v5 SP74 or RECY v6.2.33

Visit our Mobile Grading Apps web page for further details...