Container and Fleet Management

RECY® Mulco handles all logistic requirements of a recycling business. An intelligent despatching process with graphical presentation of unscheduled and scheduled orders is the heart of the system. With drag and drop method, new orders can easily be despatched. Changes to existing runs can be done just as simple. The full integration with RECY® scale and invoicing modules optimises the work process and reduces work and stress for your staff. At all times you have information about the location of your containers and trucks if you use the most advanced technology which RECY® Mulco supports. This includes RFID (Radio-Frequency-Identification), transponders and GPS. Each container movement can easily be tracked. The truck drivers can be equipped with easy-to-use mobile data collectors working with barcodes or transponders. This even provides automatic operation of the scale by downloading the information stored on a completed run.

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A highly efficient system generates automatically pre-defined charges like container rentals, freight, waste removal, etc. These charges are then invoiced through the RECY® program and posted automatically.

RECY® Mulco GPS enables the despatcher to monitor the location of your trucks as well as their routes, speed, spent time and distance. A GPS eye which is installed in the truck informs the despatcher about pre-defined events, for example, arrival at the customer location, longer than normal stops, or the imminent return of the truck to the scale.
The despatch stays always in connection with the trucks and can view them on a digital map which is integrated with the application. The permanent recording of all vehicle movements allows for a seamless documentation and analysis of operation of your trucks. Time and distances can be used for internal cost accounting and for the evaluation of customer business.

Transponders, RFID and GPS integrate in an optimal way but can be used independently, according to the objectives of your company.
RECY® Mulco does not only offer numerous high-tech solutions with favourable cost-efficiency relation, but we also develop tailor-made solutions for any special logistical requirements. We provide the project management and the guarantee for a fast and successful implementation.

Addon Modules

  • Container Tracking/Transponder Module
  • Offline Scale Module
  • MULCO Online Module
  • Fleet Direct Module (GPS System)